Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Love Long Walks On The Beach....

Hello. My name is April and I am looking for someone who is looking for someone with something missing. As you can see by my photo, I am currently living without feet but that does not mean that I don't have soul. Ha Ha! I march to my own drummer and feel as though God loves me just the way I am so why shouldn't you? I have a great personality and really enjoy long walks on the beach although my wheels tend to get stuck in the sand. Many guys like giving me piggy back rides instead. I still consider myself to be very active socially as well as physically so please don't worry about me being dead weight at a party. I can hold my own, I just can't stand up on my own. And I'll never walk out on you even if I get really mad. Ask anyone. They can't get rid of me! Ha Ha!

My story is a common one. I was operating a tool press machine at the American Tool and Dye Co. in Spokane, WA. and, while attempting to recreate a scene from Norma Rae ( I love acting!) I slipped off of the table and into the tool press where my feet were stamped into the shape of a hammers. Ouch! The doctors felt that amputation would be the best way to go because, well who wants feet that look like hammers.

So, anyway, I would really like to meet someone who can appreciate a woman who, although she may lack feet, makes up for them in personality. I hope to meet you soon.

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