Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Hey Spook, My Name's Trina."

" I'm sorry, were you talkin' to me? No, I ain't Shirley but a lot a people think I look like somebody they know. Guess I got that kinda face. No, go right ahead and sit down.....I was waitin' on somebody but they was supposed to be here over an hour ago and....a date? No, he wuddn't no date...more like a stranger actually...sorta blind date, I guess. I wonder why they callem' blind dates? Do ya think it's cause after they sees ya they go blind? *snort*. I don't know....Huh? Sure you can buy me a drink, sugar. BILLY?.....BILLY!.. This nice man...who? This nice man, Lewis would like to buy me a drink. I'll have the usual. Aren't you sweet. Ya know you remind me of somebody too....some actor....who is it, who is it. He used to be on that show with them weird space shoot, what was that show. You know the one with that guy with the pointy ears......No he wasn't no elf. He was a space guy and he was on a space ship .....somethin' bout goin' where no man's gone before.....Spook or Shrek or.....what? Spock? SPOCK that's it! *snort*. STAR TRACK that's the one ! You look like that Spock guy only you don't have them pointy ears. But, honey you do look like you could go where no man's gone before.*snort*I'm kiddin', I'm kiddin" I'm a kidder. I'm Margot Kidder*snort* I do that. I can take a word and a name and tie 'em together like that. Like....Hey, let's go to...wait a minute. Let me think of a good one. Uh, how 'bout....Hey why don't.....where ya going, sugar? You need to use the men's room? Don't pay no attention to the writin' on the wall cause that ain't my real number.*snort* BILLY?....BILLY! bring me a cold one and put it on old Spook here's tab."HEY SPOOK! MY NAME'S TRINA!

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